Saturday, November 10, 2007


Thursday was Deepavali, and it was suppose to be P.E day too.
So i really wanted to exercise, cus i only exercise once a week. and i hardly sweat. so i'm a bit upset i'm living a healthy lifestyle.
So i called The Wongs out, the very sporting duo. For basketball, so i called Peter Tan, Andrea, Jon lim(obviously), Rachel Soon (who couldn't make it :C) and Joshua in msn at the very last miinute around 4AM. Angela asked Wesley Loh, Jon invited Silas.
HAHH, Andrea didn't have transport so i had to go all the way to KEMUNING to pick her up.

March Marsiling March.
ZOE =D it was wet.
PEEPS. Andrea and I. driving her to her grandparents house.
she wouldn't really smile. so i said, let's exchange facial expressions!
Joshua tried taking pics of me. HAHAA~
Went to 9 ten after. Bought some cheese spaghetti, i just loveeee spaghetti and CHEESE!
Angela and Grace came over my place. i was like MAD.
"i've got CHOCOLATES!!" and poured everything out.
siao cha borrr :P

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