Wednesday, November 28, 2007

School Games

26th November.

I forgot who gave me this lolipop. Thanks :D

So anyway, it was fun and games this week for school. So everyone was enjoying themselves and chattering around. I was rather bored at first.

As you can seee.

The yellow ones are Marielle's. While i was taking Andrea's.

But they exchanged after.

I woke up with this cut on my hand, it was so annoying. Since it stinged for the whole day.


Rachie and Shaunie.
And, Sha, Zoe, Rac.
She's being vain againnnnnnn.

Today :D


I brought my PRECIOUS Othello to school today.
Here's how to start...

I totally owned Corynn! HAHAHA
Lee Dan challenged me a game, i was kinda nervous since he was kinda smart, 13 yr old doing sec 2 shit.
But i won! haha

Twister! Thaaaaaaaaaaat's me!

Everyone was having a ball of a time. (Whatever that means.)

*Awkward* ?

Hannah and I.

Crystal and I.
Sereena's prank?

W-O-W. LOl.

So anyway. after that day, we went to the futsal court. And Grace just fell, suddenly blood just splurted.

Mangosteen skin drink, uber healthy! Uber expensive =/

I wouldn't say i had a hell of a time, but... it was pretty alright. (:

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