Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Rachel's Hospitality

I stayed over Rachel's house, since my mom went out-stationed. =/
Sorry for the trouble but thanks for the help!
I'm actually kinda scared of living/sleeping alone. *shh*

In the morning while we were preparing to school.

In the car! On the way to school.

After that, went to the Summit with Sonya and Timothy.
Saw this and bought it!
Last time i tasted it was in Canada! Another childhood candy of mine.
And walked over to Sonya Mah's house after.
Remember that dead cat i posted a picture of last time? It's buried now.
Thank God. it'd be cool creepy if we saw it rotting!

The shape is a tube like of a toothpaste:
This is their pet turtle, they have two. i always see the bigger one humping this one.
Poor thing.
Very pretty! When it dies, they should keep the shell.
Very valuable. Right?

Went home after, thank you and Sonya so much for the help. Else, i wouldn't know what to do.

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