Saturday, November 03, 2007


So here i am, proclaiming the lameness of facebook. but i still play it for my friends.
since everyone in school is so into it. and all i hear is 'poke', 'fight', 'fighters club', 'street credit' and 'gang bang'. so they were like, " Zoe! join! and gang bang (this person and that) blablalbla."
so i joined, Rachel Soon gave me some help 'cus i was really confused at first. I was thinking," i might as well stick to friendster, so easy and simple... just accept friends requests, comments and add photos! COOL!" but if i really need entertainment, i guess i'll just facebook.
a couple of people added me, and i know and i know they're gonna pick a fight with me, ALL of them and support each other. and i'll end up losing a dosen fights. -.-
Friendster is just SOO NICEE LA, the people won't fight with you de lor.
So Teacher Ben messaged me, and i didn't know who he was. Asked for introduction then msn.. and we starting rhyming! haha!

me: -.- have msn? :D
him: yeah
me: sooo, honestly i'd rather chat in msn then face book so care to share ur e-mail or would u rather watch me flare? :P i lvoe rhymes.

him: is that a dare,dont make me throw a chair,you won't like my stare....want more rhymes?give a dime... (gives e-mail address)

me: LOL! that's really good.i'd rather give a nickel, since it's only a i dance a'll be worth a giggle? :D

him: keep your nickel,that's too little,keep your wiggle,let's dance to a jingle.

me: i'd rather play a game,that'll put u to shame,evil is my name,and you ain't got no fame. P.S:haa! why aren't u online?! or appearing offline?

him: be a dame,this aint no game,i'll spank you till you came,bring on the pain,falling on you like rain,shut your trap,gonna tie you with a strap,cause you aint got nothin' but bullcrap! (totalling ignoring my question!)

me: HEY! that's so MEAN..well who's afraid of who nigga,i ain't gonna even shiva,and i'm gonna bring u down,and ur gonna give a big frown.( he's indian)

him: haha just teasing you. it's all good here. i'm tired. can't come up with anymore rhymes.

i mean, you should rest since it's 4/30 in the morning. good night Teacher Ben. =D

And around 2 weeks ago i think, or a month. I couldn't concentrate in school, so Andrea and I started passing notes since we sat right beside each other. and she wrote me a poem.
here was how it went.

her: met some gal named carly
the expression on her face smiley
she told me really nicely
that my face was extremely ugly. =P

me: well she looks like a witch
who's a total b*tch~
i would make her eyes twitch
and she'll have lots of zits!

her: be horribly mean,
and break her spleen,(what's that btw? spine?)
make her look like a sorry-teen,
as you hit and hear her scream.

me: come and join the fun!
as i bring along a gun,
we'll laugh and jump all night long,
singing a gleeful song.

her:we'll make her pay in every way.
For calling me ugly,
we'll stuff her mouth with tons of barley.

me: Sorry will she be,
pleading for a lil' mercy,
we'll make her rake back what she said.
And she shall call you pretty.

her: Let's not wait till summer,
to forgive poor ol' her.
On her knees she sob & beg
All those tears makes me wanna gag

me: Relieved she will feel,
but vengeance is on her hill.
We'll be marked for death by Carly Witch,
as her wounds are being stitched.


pretty good eh? i should be a poet someday. hahaha!
i really like the poems i created with Andrea.
we just thought of them in seconds or within a minute. Fast and nice. :D

what'd ya think?

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