Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Leprechaun lost all her magic :C nothing is opening magically, but luck continues to follow her.
YES, it's me. but recently i've found a new interest. Forget the four-leaves green shit.
Go for the rappin' crap. So in BM (Bahasa Melayu) class, which is malay class.
i was like, " I WANNA BE A RAPPER!"
so they were looking at me weirdly. -,- so i started rappin' :D

So i'm gonna rap,
I ain't gonna talk no crap,
If you're going WACK,
i'm gonna give you a smack!

Okay, just before you laugh. IT'S MY FIRST TIME.
what's a leprechaun to do but try her LUCK?
(: It's all i have and am, a very lucky girl.

The Reason.
Why do i call myself i leprechaun? I realized, it's my calling!
My previous post, when i went out with Timothy and Sonia. We went into the elevator, Tim had problems closing it. and even when it did, it mysteriously opened back for NO reason. So i decided to help him out with my mystical powers. i just waved my hand towards the door and said, " CLOSE! CLOSE!!" and it just did, but Tim was still skeptical.
Sonia, my friend. Was a believer.
And after, i was just looking down through the transparent glass, and just went around and proclaimed," it will OPEN! OPEN!!" Since before that Timothy denied my identity of being a leprechaun. So i proved it to him. Low and behold, it OPENED.
It was rather a confirmation to me too. And then on, i have told many people my secret. That i am, and always were... a leprechaun. The mystical, green creatures that fairies mixes with. Many people don't believe in us, maybe it's because most rainbows never reaches the ground, it is never complete nowadays. So we have no pot of gold to protect. We continue to live in our secret identities everyday. (=

If you see green,
you'll see me.
Ain't no pimpin' ain't no shittin',
just believe in receivin'.
Luck's our greetin'!

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