Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Last Singapore trip!

Last week i think, went over to Singapore. wrote the details in the previous post~~

Grandma's place.
So i went around Cause Way Point right, saw Jiajia! so shocked, he said i forgotten him since i didn't call him to meet up. So many ppl to meet up everytime i go back there :/
MISSES! ( Queuing for bubble tea!)

Eric, Christopher, and uh... I Not Stupid guy.
Hanliang kor! i don't give a damn whether you have a girlfriend or when you get married in the future. I'LL STILL HUG YOU! :D

we were hanging around BLK 200 or something, damn... i totally forgot the blocks in s'pore!
stupid chee hoe biao-di. laughing like siao lur.

Went to Hanliang kor's house, played MAHJONG!!
Liang, Siying, Rocvon (correct?), and crazyman.
When we were going up to Siying's place. Saw this cute cat! didn't see it for months, always loitering around that place. It was thought to be pregnant, but in the end...
aww, WHO CARES! anyway, After meeting Jeremy Chew. I went to Cold Storage, Isaac newton told me something about the famous donuts. Tried them out...
DELICIOUS! but zillions of calories. T.T the top pair sucks though. haa.

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