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HELLO FELLOW FRIENDS! A few hours ago I watched my one and only subscribed comedian - Kevjumba on youtube! So he was talking about this new drug, it isn't well known yet. VERY NEW STUFF. So i wantedc to share it with you guys. Meet...Butt Hash. (:
It is a drug, by using you're excreta ( SHIT&URINE) mixing it in a bottle or something, and inhaling the gas/fumes it releases. The usual technique is putting a balloon over it.

Jenkem or jekem is an inhaled gas which can result in dissociation and hallucinations. It is made from fermented sewage. According to Fountain of Hope, a non-profit organization, Jenkem is used by street children in Lusaka, Zambia as a substitute for ordinary inhalants such as glue or petrol. According to BBC News it has been around since at least 1997.

Psychoactive effects

Its effects last for around an hour and consists of auditory and visual hallucinations. A 16-year-old boy describes his preference for jenkem over other inhalants "With glue, I just hear voices in my head. But with Jenkem, I see visions. I see my mother who is dead and I forget about the problems in my life." The raw materials are plentiful and freely available in the form of fecal matter from the open sewers of Lusaka. This is then fermented in plastic bottles and the fumes are inhaled.

The Story goes...

What apparently set off the current barrage of media attention started when a 14-year old whose online identity is "Pickwick" posted the TOTSE Better Living Through Chemistry discussion forum that he was going to try out Jenkem. Then in early September a concerned parent reported to the principal of Palmetto Ridge High School in Naples, Florida that she had heard about Jenkem from her child who was a student there. No usage was claimed, however the principal passed the information on to the Collier County Sheriff's Office in Naples, and the sheriff office's intelligence bureau issued an internal intelligence bulletin on September 26 which contained the alarmist phrase "Jenkem is now a popular drug in American Schools." It appears that this assertion was mere conjecture, as later news scrutiny has by November 9 still not been able to confirm such usage. In the meantime, on September 25, "Pickwick" posts to the TOTSE community "The jenkem thing was a hoax" where he retracts his previous trip report asserting it "was faked using flour, water, beer and Nutella

Letter from the Sheriff.

Making Jenkem

The process is similarly described in the 1995 IPS report, "Human excreta is scooped up from the edges of the sewer ponds in old cans and containers which are covered with a polyethylene bag and left to stew or ferment for a week."[5]. In the BBC 1999 article the process is described as, "...the dark brown sludge, gathering up fistfuls and stuffing it into small plastic bottles. According to a 1998 report in the New York Times, Fountain of Hope, a non-profit organization, informs that Jenkem is used by street children in Lusaka, Zambia to obtain a "powerful high".

now this is GLUE, pretty similar to shit =D

Now this is a story i found, they said it's in some bulletin blabla~

"I became probably the first person in America to huff his own shit gas," Pickwick boasted in a June 13 entry. "After breathing it in I immediately felt that I was passing out. I did not even have time to spit before I became unconscious. When I woke up my spittle had oozed out of my mouth and down my chin. I asked my friend how long I was out for. He said for about a minute, and that he had repeatedly tried to wake me but I would not wake up. During this short conversation I began to feel light dissociative effects come over me, accompanied by buzzing in my ears. The feeling got stronger and stronger until I felt like I was in a dream."

COOL =D i would love to try it, but i'd rather eat maggi mee for the rest of my life, than inhale fumes of my own waste. that's just CRAZY! like PSYCHO!
Next time, someone talks shit to me, i'll just say YOU'RE ON JENKEM SHIT FACE! =D
It's so uncivilized, obviously first created by those in the third world countries.
God, thank you for not making farts as deadly.

SLANGS FOR JENKEM: Winnie, Might, Shit, Butthash, Runners, Waste, Fruit from crack pipe, Devil's chocolate, Leroy Jenkems.
wicked names! :D

all of these are purely researched, anything found untrue or to be a haox, NOT MY PROBLEM!:D

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