Sunday, November 25, 2007

Imaginarie's new friend! Kirouchi!

i almost mispelled Kirouchi as Krouchi :S would of sounded like Crotchy. lawl :x

So anyway, went to visit Siying. Briefly chatting for 5 minutes, she answered a phone call from Chloe. And was inconsiderate of me. So i was like wth, i'm here visiting you and you've been chatting for over 10 minutes ignoring me. So she was like fine... after chatting another TEN minutes, she hung up.
i was taking pictures of myself while she was jollying conversing with Chloe.

Me eyes, me big beautiful mascarized lashes.
When they first met ^^
This was how i first knew about the water babies. And i went to Woodlands interchange.
HA-HA, to people who jump inside the track or the MRTs. Couldn't you be more considerate?
Knowingly it'll affect everyone and cause a whole scene? You still wanna be popular after you die?

Boots and Shoes! WATERBABIES~
And off i went to Lavender! I was freakin' late, and i missed my friggin bus.
So i walked around for a moment, and saw this DAMN OLD building, pre-war i guess.
And i wondered how it was like 4 decades ago.
And i went to eat this, stupid stupid decision, 'cus it made me cry so bad.
Heckin' spicy.
So my bus was Transnansional, or something. And that MALAY CANINE wouldn't have any sympathy on me. Since i was late, i missed the bus, and couldn't use the ticket to board the latter bus. She was such a *TOOOOOOT*.
The only way was to buy a new one she said, and it cost S$25, i had only s$7 left.
So i went over to this "stall" and asked if i could use the phone since that friggin canine said it was only meant for office use.
Indeed, i was in a "dilemma".
There wasn't any coin phones AT ALL, no where near by. So the sweet malay lady let me call Mommy and borrowed me money after hearing my situation. Sweet sweet lady, than you!
It was pretty dark when the last bus came, and some Indian guy sat beside me. He was friggin pervertic and asked for my e-mail. eeks, i didn't reply his e-mails anyway.

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