Thursday, November 15, 2007

i'm backkk~

sorry dudes. didn't blog for FIVE days, um yea.
So, i went down to Kluang on Monday for my cousins wedding -Keith!
CONGRATULATIONS COUSIN! gimme a red packet on new year~ *winks*
and he married a honkie. she's pretty hot i guess? Rather sudden since Chinese New Year he brought home his GF, and barely dating this honkie for a couple of months, he's marrying her?!
but still i'm happy for them both, so happy marriage! Don't get children, you'll regret it =x

So on Tuesday, went to Singapore. Called like a dozen of my friends.
Met up with Han liang kor, he was with Christopher and some dude. I was so delectable!
I went up, they were sitting on the 6th floor of CWP. I stood and stared at Kor for one minute,
he didn't even say HI. just kept playing his ass game on his phone.
i was like =O
so i walked away, and finally he said HI! i ignored and went to B1 to buy some bubble tea, didn't drink them in months!
So, after... went back up. saw Chee hoe biao-ge, mouse on ice guy, eric... uh. and some other dudes.
Was suppose to meet Sje ting spongebob and Lester gary! GAHH!
but Lester pangseh, and i didn't know where 363 was. soo, it never happened. ]:
oh well~ dammit. they made me walk all the way to the hill. i was wearing a friggin pair oh high-heels and jeans for pete's sake.
and THEN. they started smoking. i was wth, don't smoke infront of me.
EVERY I GO, PEOPLE AROUND ME ARE SMOKING. in JB? my dad, in K.L?, uncle Ben, in S'PORE? my fuggin friends.
I was kinda sad and disappointed, rather weird... felt like crying when i saw kor smoking.
Rather depressed about it the whole day.( or night) My head had a train of thoughts that kept on going circulating around my cranium. "Why? How? But.. " These were the questions flowing,
how could you!? you helped me everytime i got into trouble last year, and now you're like this.
people change, some for the worst.
oh well, Siying and Rocvon or something came over Hanliang's house with Jingjie.
Everyone else won except for me, i was like BAD FENGSHUI LA. xD
But Siying won twice for me, and earned me $s4 =D
stayed up till 2AM, two melanies came over. couldn't recognized their damn faces. changed so much. one with a freak style. Was happy, walked to Siying's house. JUST WHEN THEY WERE ABOUT TO GO, i said., " Let's ton here! Chat at the void deck, marble table."
So heng lor. we did, chatted about stuff. Imaginarie came along too. i guess she was bored being alone. ^^
So the love bear guy kept talking and talking and talking... i couldn't take it.
so i began to talk to Imaginarie, they looked at me oddly. -,-
Love bear was rather fed-up of my INNOCENT honestly.
i just asked, " HOW THE HELL DO I KNOW?!?"
Then he suddenly started spouting vulgarities, " F*CKING HELL! F*CKING HELL! %&^&*^%$#w@"
all i did was stare at his totally overreaction O.O?
Guys, really need anger-management man. So Siying and I took a shower.
Rocvon showed much respect to Imaginarie, thank you(:
Some people would just shove her aside and stamp on the floor in denial. But he, took his foot away from the seat she was sitting on. Aww, Imaginarie likes you.
So anyway, we took a cab to Rock's house. Using the Mah Jong money, for the benefit of everyone! :D
Slept at 6AM, and i needed to wake up at 8AM, to reach the customs by 9AM.
Since the plan was to leave for K.L at 10AM. but OBVIOUSLY, I overslept... and woke up at 10.30AM, rushed there. But we left at 3PM anyway -.-
damn it~

and now I'M BACK TO K.LLL~!

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