Friday, November 16, 2007


Screw school, i woke up at 10AM as i was very TIRED! So, i got up and prepared for school and reached at 11AM! i had a stomach cramp or something. so i sat on the stairs for one hour till my mummy came. Went to Leo's for lunch, first time. they have gelato, better than ice-cream.
oh yea, i do miss Gelare ): I wanna meet her again in CWP someday. but the price is a total rip-off.
So, i finished lunch around 1.30PM. Reached school at 1.45PM. i had 15 minutes to spare before chapel time. AND MY TUMMY CRAMP WAS GONE, miracle! :D
So I sneaked in, not alot of people noticed me, aha~ and started chatting with my friends. blablabla.
After chapel wanted to finally watch THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT!
but oh nooo, my WONDERFUL friends were MAGNIFICENT. yea, that's why i love them just so many many. uh-huh.
Went home, and now i'm blogging. going out later to watch that damn movie which i couldn't watch for 3 times.
I'm going to a lanshop soon to upload some bloody one-month old pictures.
i hate this laptop, soo.. crappy.
I just realized, i don't need friends. Last time i thought they were my LIFE. But now, hmm, perhaps my esteem. who cares?
I'll be going to Genting on 4th-7th Dec. it's gonna be FABULOUS~~ yea, TOTALLY.
my mom totally wanted me to go, i should of taken the money and bought the Levi's Lady shades ):<
screw it, why didn't i think of going down to Singapore rather than Genting? WHY?! WHY!?
It's all your fault Emily, you didn't tell me anything! I hate you.
Enough of rants, i'm gonna Facebook and Friendster now. didn't log-in either of them in A WEEK!
i bet more than half a dozen picked a fight with me and i LOST. I=<
So if anybody who has facebook or skype... add ME!
this is my e-mail address in msn for strangers, that's why 90% of my contacts there are from weird people from friendster. i hardly log in to that.

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