Tuesday, November 06, 2007


So on Tuesday, Sonia, Timothy and I went to Subang parade to search for a mask and costume.
Toys R' Us definitely has these stuff!
so i bought a skull mask and an axe, around $RM22 altogether.


Death is catching up on Sonia.

Timothy bought nice white vampire teeth, it looks better than his own teeth.
he bought some half mask thing. :D
then my mom picked us up and let us down at The Summit to buy FRUIT BY THE FOOT!
i remember eating this in Canada, missed it so much. once i saw it in Cold Storage, we continued buying different kinds of american candies. i only ate it once in Canada, so you can see... how much it means to me. it's like, my childhood candy. (:
DAMN EXPENSIVE, one box RM$16, only 6 of these.
too bad the multi-flavored ran out. only strawberry was left ):


Anyway, Tuesday there was a church wide prayer meeting, went. 8-10PM.
Praise and worship for half an hour, prayer for over an hour. was really great.
i didn't pray for ages, and not that long either! the last time i prayed for over an hour,
was City Harvest Singapore when we were still in Jurong West's location, OVERNIGHT.
11PM-5AM. was so tired man.
PADMINI! i call her nano IPOD.
Padmini, me and Sze ying.
Prayer is EXTREMELY important, let's not cease or reduce in that.

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