Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Fire Balls? =/

Yesterday i was up till 4-5 in the morning. And i was checking the archives of Danielle's blog, when i saw this.

So i visited this church in JB, this photographer were showing me pictures of these circular things. They called it "Fire Balls" (<-LAWL), so i took the name too. But i find it inadequate to call them so. You see, when GOD's presence is around us, we can't really see HIM, unless He reveals Himself unto us of course. But always remember and know, GOD IS WITH US (:

And the picture below is my class photo! Guess which is me~ And guess what's there...

I was rather delectable, and gaping when i saw this. Amazing ain't it? It's not a faulty camera or a cracked lense. All the other pictures were normal, only a few were like this. Hmm~

So i was talking to my friends about it today, and Grace said maybe it was a water drop and it effected the picture when developing. WELL, I DON'T KNOW! That's all i can say. HA.

yea, so... in church, you should just take random pictures everywhere. The floor, ceilings, walls. 'Cus the photographer who told me about it, just takes shots at everything. And half of it, she captured the image of the ''represented'' presence of the Lord. mm-hmm.
Or maybe even in your own room, when you pray and worship GOD, He'll be there, listening to your prayers and loving your worship. (or something?)

Yea. The End. They're called Orbs actually. LAWL, FIREBALLS. WTH?!

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