Friday, November 23, 2007

Departure with Imaginarie

Yesterday, went for my school's carnival. Pretty cool, reeally nice cookies. But the brownies were kinda dry. Kota-Kemuning, PJ came too. We were raising extra money for the school's magazines.

Pretty crowded huh.
Brownies and cookies! i think $2 or 3 bucks each.
I absolutely LOVED the chocolate fondue. it was absolutely AMAZING.
But too bad, we could only use marshmellows.

Andrea did this, nice?
So we played a game of Rounders with the PJs, it's something like baseball.
Never played it before, but oh well. WE WON SUCKERS!

24th February, Saturday.
Went to SINGAPORE!! So i'm in car, with Imaginarie.
Coincidentally, we wore the same top! :O

She sure was exuberant that day!

Isn't she pretty?
I love your smile Imaginarie! You always make me happy (((((((:

Now SOMEONE said she was wearing some kinda funeral costume, i was like WTH?!

And i went on the train....

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