Saturday, November 03, 2007


Afetr going to Secret Recipe, i really didn't wanna go home. So i just asked Rachel soon if i could stay over her place. and she's like okay. o.o i love friends like that, i just hate people who always consult their parents and have a bloody curfew. very annoying.
so i went home, changed to my pyjamas and wa-laa~
i'm at Soon's house!

we kinda gotten crazy, camwhoring like for one whole hour :x
cus she has a REALLY big mirror!
i was like," LET'S BE MALAYS!" since it was hari raya that time. hahaha!

Rachel's dislocated ankle. 6th time she injured it i think.

and her spine, COOL! i have the spine prob too, since i always hunch my back.
BUT.. it ain't THAT bad.
she's so proud of it -.- " I HAVE A CROOKED SPINE!=D"

her Dior sun glasses. we both think it's fake tho, since her friend gave it as a b'day rpesent. ahahha!

world's apart.
bad angle la Rachel! :x

her feet are like those.. antenna's from bugs.

i love my nails :x I LOVE MY NAILS :X
line of symmetry.

world's apart.

i was planning to wear this on "tie day" that Rachel created.

The Simpson's! i changed after that -.-
Next day, i checked Rahceel's church out. it's always good to look around other churches than your own. see how their custom is like.


i borrowed her shirt, since my formal wear looked like shiat.
went home after that.. to pack my luggage....

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