Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Curve

Went out yesterday with my MOMMY! was suppose to watch that damn vampire movie, BUT, when we reached The Curve... the last showcast of the movie was 5PM. FORGET IT, maybe it was for my own good. not nice to have scary memories of vampire movies that'll haunt you in the future. So we went shopping, i wanted to buy a dress, those above-the-knee ones. Really nice =D but didn't get to.
Went pass this stall, they were selling toys, so i bought a Spongebob and Patrick keychains for Sje Ting and Isaac, gonna pass it to them when i see them.
Bought a bikini too, LOL. was so awkward, i would never dared to wear it. but will i? :/
PERHAPS NOT! i don't know, if i ever go sun-tanning, it shall only be with girls. My dear Sje ting! Two of us, GIRLS DAY OUT! =D After going shopping went to DOME, to eat Creamy Seafood Pasta. 4th time i'm going there for the exact same thing. Should try something new.
So we sat there for an hour, i was bugging my mom to leave but she wanted to read the magazines they displayed. so i read some too.
In the end? we were read 4-5 magazines in one hour in a restaurant after eating.
Ironic ain't it?
Well, i saw this Diorissime make-up palette, costs RM$169. I so wanted it, pink and compact and BEAUTIFUL! I showed my mom, "Use your own money la." gee. FINE. i actually could lor :C
But it's Arise and Build now, i can't spend my savings! siao ar?!?
omg, my speech is so Singaporie. anyway, i know i can fulfill my Arise and Build pledge and i pray God,God, GOD! Bless me please!
I missed today's service to spend time with my mom, i will go for laters! but i gotta wake up at 8AM, sighs* it's 3AM already! Sometimes i wonder, what the hell is wrong with me?! or is it the world?

i think it's both. I'm sorry.
why? i don't know, Emily.

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