Saturday, November 17, 2007


Yesterday, DEAD BORED. dammit. was like... i wanna go out and watch a movieeeee, since the tickets here are half the price in Singapore. There are some businesses that'll always be succesful if quality is good.
LANSHOP/Cyber Cafes OR Cinemas.
No matter what, yea, it cost a lot at first to make all these, but later on, the profits are like WOW!
Just imagine, one person pays $10 (forget student prices), hmm, just estimating around 1000 people come to watch movies. Already, you earn $10,000... A DAY! BUT.. minus the workers salary and stuff, it won't be as much, but still that's A LOT.
Now now, my step dad, asked me to be a linguist, people who knows several languages and can translate conversations. Just like pastor Kong's translater ^^ Her English AND Chinese are equally flamboyant. Cus my step dad has a friend who is working as that and earns RM20,000. =D
I'd like that.
So went out to The Sunway Pyramid, watched Beowulf, was half an hour late, because of the jam. So i didn't get to watch the beginning. -.- But it's pretty cool, weird thing is, the actors has already acted it out, but they make it a 3D effect, like it was computer designed. Angelina Jolie was this hot monster who sleeps with future kings. LOL~ She gives them a promise that if they lay with her and a item of gold is kept with her, the promise of King forever, youth and strength will never be broken. But sooner or later, the gold of promise is returned to the king, and the monster she gave birth to by the present King tries to destroy his kingdom.

I STILL DIDN'T GET TO WATCH THIRTY DAYS OF NIGHT. This is rather frustrating, for the FIFTH time for shit's sake! >:C

how many next time's will i endure?! it's already been 3 weeks, and the movie's gonna grow old and then kicked out from the theater!! I MUST WATCH IT IN THE CINEMA. pirated VCD's ain't no fun. It seems I've become a movie addict :O Better than a supporter of pirated VCD's ^^

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