Friday, November 09, 2007

8 affirmities

I've been tagged by Andrea Khoo, to express my "perfect lover" if i'll ever have one.
So i have to give 8 characteristics and the reasons why.
haa, alright. Here goes nothing...

hmm, he shouldn't fake anything, especially his emotions, or lie.
But shit it, most men are liars, aren't they?

Well, honestly. who likes boring guys? Gosh, on the phone it'll be like "...."
Yea, but it's not all fun and games but love too.

Not like a friggin' 20 year old or anything. But just not like a 12 year old. You can be silly, not not childish. From being your girl friend, i've suddenly become your mother or something.

I don't really care if you had counseling for your anger problems. But you better not shout vulgarities or throw stuff at me when you're mad. 'cus i swear you're gonna regret it. Calm, composed and gentle guys is what i prefer. who likes a friggin barbarian to be their bf?

Like i said, not all are fun and games. But a lil' bit of romance would do. i just HATE mushiness, " i missy yoo so muchieeexs. ^^" EEW~ D: rather a sincere hug or words would do. kissin' is rather hmm, inappropriate unless we are deep.

I've said this before, i hate ahbengs with low I.Q. if you're a smart gangsta, i've got nothing to say huh. =] i just really despise or in a more nicer way, i condescend to them. which, i no likey.
i don't want a lawyer or a friggin doc. But someone who i can learn from and communicate formally with.

But not always asking of my business. I don't like guys always hung up on DOTA, or maple, or facebook all the time. wouldn't you find it like, 'GAHS!' ? Oh well~

Pink-eyed darling
I just detest green-eyed-shits. :x Guys who get jealous easily just because you contact or talk to other males. FRIENDS only mah. Rather lame of your pettiness, if you are.

YES! i'm done, took me ages to think of what to write. i actually didn't wanna do it at all :P
Well i'll just tag Rachel Soon, Sje Ting spongebob, Lester gary, Melantrolly, Androne, and Alfred. IF YOU DO READ MY BLOG.
hm, yea. just do it if you're bored. 3AM now, what to doooooooo.
freak blogger, can't upload no shittin' pics.

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