Monday, October 15, 2007


=D here i am again, CALIFORNIA FITNASSS! weets*
i gotta atleast work-out one more time, ya know? its 3.30 PM now.
My train leaves by 10PM. gotta reach at 9. Praise The Lord my ticket is first class. If it was those lousy ones. TO HELL WITH TRAVELING. :X
Wanted to leave yesterday, but no bus tickets AT ALL. do you know how slow the train is?!
It's like 9 KDHVDUING hours. From 10PM- 8AM.
i don't know where my drop-off point is, but it's somewhere in Singapore. duh? -.-
soooooo, it's my first time taking a train to ANYWHERE! =D=D
hope it won't be a bad experience. and i'm praying to God that i won't be robbed, chopped, stabbed etc.~
wellll.. WISH ME ALL THE BEST! will be meeting the spongebob family on Thursday!
and meeting Ryan Tuesday or something. Sneaking into Marsiling sec on Tuesday or Wednesday.
Buy tongue stud on Wednesday or Thursday. i have the needle at home. :D
i wanna repierce! FOR THE THIRD TIME! stupid tongue studs, keep falling out, or losing 'em.
My swelling last at most 3-4 days. Just enough for it to heal until the opening of school ):<
The holidays are so short, worst part is, NO NOVEMBER HOLIDAYS. *whines*
Only starts in December. STUPID SCHOOL.
gotta gooo~ blog next time :D

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