Saturday, October 06, 2007

Timothy and Sonia's House.

After school, went to Timo's and Son's house. they've got a new dog! they named him skippy or something.. nonono.. speedy! right? =D
it was soooo adorable, it was a Jack Russel, 4 months old. THIS SMALL! Okay, i can't separate my hands to demostrate -.- their mom, bought it for only $RM250, do you know how cheap is that?!?!?! damn cheap lor. the funny thing is, their house has two cats, two turtles, and now.. two dogs. i wonder if their house is gonna become The Ark or something. lols! :x

Grace holding speedy. whatever his name is, haa.

i was trying to show his whiteness.
wasn't taking a picture of this, then suddenly angela accused me of it. SO I DID IT! Often, people misunderstand my actions, but i just do it to help them not change their opinions of me.nobody can really understand me (:

after that, Angela and Grace left. Sonia went for guitar lesson.
so we were left to play with the guns. only $RM15 each =D
hurts alot if shot on skin.

he was sleeping so peacely.

but we kept disturbing him :P


Went for DOME after that.

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