Friday, October 12, 2007


Usually every thursday i fast, but Marielle baked cupcakes for me cause she promised.

She did 18 of them ok.
so tiongxim ^^ it tastes great!
'Cause its my cake day! i have over 10 mooncakes at home, i asked everyone to do something cakey. Tim didn't have any clue so he bought a big pack of mamee. haha.
Angela, Sereena and Grace.
Sereena holding my precious Vanilla.
Angela holding my BAOBEI Tiramisu.
i had to be a good host with so many around, so i skinned the fruits, and Grace was helpful to cut them. she's good. at it.
after that, Timothy came, and later on.. Nicholas Chong and Yong loon.

after that went swimming, the only person that didn't get wet was YL and Ser.
not fun lor ): but we had a great time! hahah
Then someone wanted to sabo me and push me into the pull. The Japanese family came to swim..
so i said," Konichiwaa (:" and the mother asked that i knew of Japanese. i replied," nah, haha. only one word."
then they were push me into the pull, i restrained. i totally acted like an idiot. wanting help from the Jap family... i kept screaming, " KONICHIWAA!!KONICHIWAA!!KONICHIWAA!!KONICHIWAAAaaa!"
-.- i fell inside the pool in the end.

TODAY! a Friday, the day before my holidays begin. Went to California Fitness at 2.30PM.

The gym is cool.

the "famous" Sunway Pyramid. so lame, trying to be Egyptians.
I LOST 300 calories! WOOTS! so i spoilt myself.

5,684,236 calories. 3 boston cream donuts. one orange choc filled, and i forgot the rest.
also bought a chocolate cake. :33

Went to Carrefour later with my mom after she picked me up.


now i'm in Extreme lanshop to blog. HAIS, things i do for blogging~

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