Saturday, October 27, 2007

Sunway Lagoon!

28th October 2007, i went to Sunway Lagoon! FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE!
A very delayed post i know, but.. atleast i still lived to post about it! heh. yea anyway~
Went with Jonathan Siew, Nicholas Chong, and Adele(Andrea's cousin & Jon's GF).

OH, and the funny thing is - Nicholas asked us to bring food along, since it's pretty expensive there. But in the end, there were bag checks and we weren't allowed to bring in any food.
I brought tuna, Nicholas - bread, Jon - nothing.
So we didn't wanna waste it, to save it, we left it beside the garbage, so that we could redeem it once we planned on going back. LOL.


You get to get in free if you're shorter than one meter, cool!

Tiger Cafe.
a real tiger! WOW!

we played around and swam alot, i didn't change though. Lawl, swam in this ^
I was lazy to bring my shampoo, and i was like SHIT. 'cus my hair was crappy and dry.
So i called Jon Siew and asked if i could lend his shampoo. He asked me to go out to take it, but i didn't know where.
He was a sweetheart, and came all the way HALF-NAKED, only a towel wrapped around his waist. THANK YOU! I'll remember this.

eff-er :x
And on our way back, we tried to retrieve our food. SOMEONE ACTUALLY TOOK IT.
BEGGAR LA. I was like maybe they threw it inside the rubbish bin?
We checked, it wasn't inside. SOMEONE TOOK OUT BLOODY FOOD. WTF? :x
Went to The Sunway Pyramid and ate the Chicken Buffet " All you can eat!"
Jon was a darl to pay most of it. LOL.

Dick lamps! LOL!

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