Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Here to talk about my trip. IT WAS HORRIBLE. ): Firstly, the chair was so uncomfortable, it made me hunch my back, i could sleep properly, i only slept 3/9 hours. Two indians were sitting beside me, i was very annoyed with them. and i could push my chair down 'cause of this bloody obese Malay woman behind me. she put her bag, groceries in front of her, so i had to go to the outer seat. and after that, she started sucking on some candy or plums making that bloody sucking sound which was so annoying. i would of made a scene if i wasn't so tired.
i reached JB around 630AM, the train was gonna wait till 8AM to leave the station into Singapore. My grandma woke up extra early just to pick me up. aww, love ya popo! I felt really weak, my head was burning, a fever was starting. I had no energy to move about. but kept dragging myself to [EDITTED 11 NOVEMBER->] go home to rest atleast.
haa, it was so tiring and energy-draining... i just slept once i reached her place. I woken up, relieved and smiling. But energy-less to move about. All i could do was sleep! I went back to sleep like 3 times until i couldn't take it anymore but BUDGE!
so i got up like a puppet, and dragged myself down the bed, and literally CRAWLED to the washroom. ]:
my friends, it was a horrible nightmare that i wished would just end.
So since it's like been over a month now. i most probably forgot the torturing process of being healed. i just now i love SJE TING! she took care of me like an elder sister.
love you love you love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.
okay :x
The grueling part was just the vomiting which was absolutely AMAZING!
i lost one pound i think, awesome. :D
so anyway, since i began this post in spongebob's house like one friggin month ago.
i'll just let go of it. and Praise God i'm all healed! hallelujah~

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