Saturday, October 06, 2007


see the similarity.

Vitto Fabregas.
Marielle Fabregas.
ANYWAY, for Friday, it was Peter's turn to do duty. so he had to mop the floor.
but well, last time, i had to wash the toilet. which totally suck.

an enthusiastic person, i like it!

Corynn's Finger.
mine's fading ):

Angela, ghosts, and Grace!
went home, tried some mooncakes, i had like 5 more, but ate them all up. my friend studying medicine said one piece of mooncake contains 200 calories O.O

anyway.. went out for dinner. DOME again. i went there 3 times in a month for the same damn thing. creamy seafood pasta. it's absolutely delicious. i'll keep going there again and again and again for it. it cost $RM23 though. soooo.. shouldn't eat there that often. T.T

this is my mom's order, mushroom something. NOT NICE, well.. nothing special.

Near The Curve in K.L there's this big huge sign of toilet symbols.
they're bigger than me, ON THE WALL.
So while my mom and Mr.Ben were eating, i was bored. so he was sooo nice he gave me alot of money to buy something i liked. i saw Levi's shop, but then moved on. only 2 shops were open. Since it was like 11PM already.
i went to the Elianto's stall, bought like $RM92 worth of Elianto's. LOLs!
i just couldn't stand the temptation. i bought two mascaras, one SPF20 body spray sun protection, one green tea body scrub. that's all. i didn't scrub my body with beads in 2 years!
all the dead skin cells... eee.
anyway, thank you uncle Ben! hope everything will turn out alright. =]

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