Saturday, October 06, 2007


So.. was suppose to leave K.L at 8 A.M. everyone overslept, left at 9AM. LOL..
screw the malaysian custom man. I WAITED 5 MTHS FOR THIS SHIT.
FIVE MONTHS. after receiving the letter, checking up on everything. Finally decided to go to the custo to get a malaysian passport. Reached JB at 1.30PM. Took photos for the passport, IT LOOKED ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. and i can't believe it's gonna stay with me for 5 STINKIN YEARS.

goodbye Canadian passport and citizenship ):

while waiting, a cute little girl sat in front of us. haa.

and after 2 hours, i finally got my passport! =D
i am now, officially Malaysian. so next time, don't tell anyone i was from Canada. i don't wanna explain the whole damn same story over and over again for the last millionth time.
i thought it would take 3 days to make it, but since it was two hours. i decided i could go for something.... =D

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