Monday, October 15, 2007


my teeth are chattering now, gahs! i'm taking a friggin train to Singapore on my own!
It's scary, just when i thought i could be independent off my parents, i was wrong.
i NEED my mom. worst thing is that nobody's free to welcome me to their stinkin country! ":x
Everyone is either, busy, has school, collecting exam papers.
what to do.. when all your friends are little kids, just like ME!
it's 6.45PM now, waiting for my mom to pick me up. Then iron clothes (TONS!), pack my luggage, and leave my place by 8 or 8:30. Stupid lurs, why do i have to wait one boring hour at the train station then leave at 10PM? why not 9.30? crappy idea.
oh yea. i only lost 200+ calories today ): It was weird, exercising with RED nails. and i didn't know how to function a few machines and some guys were laughing at me.
i was like wth, this is only my 2nd time actually exercising in this gym, and my 3rd arrival.
so cut me some slack okay?
Anywayyy... can somebody please meet me in the morning? i don't wanna be alone, but i'm used to it.
Been through my hardest moments alone, when all my friends were total fakes.
Guess i'll just walk around :D

mom's here. ciao!~

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