Friday, October 12, 2007


well, here i am. using California's Fitness computer again. i wanna say, CONGRATULATE ME! i actually came to exercise! First time, once i saw the computer.. used it straight for one hour and went home. haa!
Well, i lost 300 calories. goodie for me! but the stupid thing is that i only come here once a month. i gotta discipline myself to come at least once a week!
i actually only thought of coming here 'cause i'm going for sun tanning with my Sponge bob family at Sentosa on monday! i think. wouldn't wanna tan fat you know?
Well, missed school today. can't take that stupid teacher anymore. always picking on me. screw you!
I'm just happy that i have one week holiday! Hari Raya week. I'll be taking a bus down from K.L straight down to Singapore on Sunday. ): all alone.
Mom doesn't wanna come down, so i have to take the bus. rawrs~
First time, scared i'll be robbed. :/
blog pics later! going to lanshop again.
i really need internet at home now.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! but it's the exam period in Singapore now ):<

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