Saturday, September 29, 2007

Went to FTZ after Cell Group yesterday with Howe. Reached there around 11.30PM. Mom came around 1Am. haa. when i stood up, surprisingly hau jun was infront of me.
FTZ is jam packed with people man. There was like 20 people on the aiting list when i was there. and when i finally got a place, i saw like 20 people standing there. it was scary.
and it's annnoying, cause JOSHUA is trying to emphasize everything i'm doing now.
he's copying every i say, i mean type. -_____-
he's besides me now, and i'm like blogging, so i have to tap on the keyboard right?
so he's writing, " tap tap tap tap...."
and when i laugh he types, " hahaha, ehehhehe. tap tap tap.....etc."
nevermind, i'll ignore him. try to.
so mom picked us up, went home showered and stuff. HOWE DIDN'T SHOWER AGAIN. -.=
and then read some CLEO magazine. oh yea, it's the first magazine i've ever..
okay, back to my blog. the first nagamzine i've ever bought! =O
so cool huh! it cost only $RM6 but has like 360 pages! it's so cool. and i love looking at the advertisements of Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder and all the make up ads.
it's great. and slept around 3AM. so tired. woke up and went for church service. =D
Brought my mom to church. and she liked it! ;D
Tomorrow might be going again. wee!
ciao, mom's here.

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