Friday, September 28, 2007


For P.E, we went to the same park again. *ughs* but this time, Sherlyn and Hannah joined us! but what a pity, they didn't know their class were going to Giant for chendol.

Jennifer and Angela. i mean Devila ;P
On the way to the park..
i always hung upsidedown on a bar in Canada, so i did it here too! and Sereena gave it a try.

Grace was awesome. ;D
Beware of monkey bar ghost. haas.

Dino dino Corynn!
after that, went back to school.
i saw this in the general office. lmao~

Angela was happily licking a lolipop given by a "secret" admirer. hee.

she's so crazy about it.

she's cherishing every moment with it.

so happy cause of it.

hypnotized by it.
drowsy and blur by it.

and still wants more.
and Grace wanted one too!

she said it was her wand -.-

the joy of licking a heart shaped lolipop.
anyway, after school, Belinda, Jolene, Grace and Angela came over my place! =D
we went swimming except for Jolene and Angelalalaa.
Grace and my arms. lawl, double sided tape.

all of them said they weren't taking dinner in my place, but LOOK AT THIS!
LOLS! hope they had a fun time. love 'em.

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