Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Siew bao's birthday.

eew, went to The Pyramid with Esther chong. EEW! sibei annoying la.
why? why!?! cause i thought chee was there. and she actually took a taxi all the way to my place and back to the Pyramid for RM$22. who would be so ____ to do that lor.
ANYWAY! at Baskins and Robin.

Sherlyn expressing such appetite for her lovely ice-cream.
yummy ain't it? hahahs


she loves ice-cream!


Pierced my left ear after that. top part. wanna do my right the next time! would be so nicee.
After that Esther chong satyed overnight at my house.
kau peh kau bu lurs. when i was chatting with Joshua and Yongloon on the phone.
keep touching my leg asking me to do some lame stupid stuff.
i will never ever even think of letting her stay in my house ever flubever gaver again.
xD miss Ricky, Wendy and Isaac they all :/

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