Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Arrived 2 hours behind time. The dinner started at 7PM, reached at 9.
stupid road blocks, and my mom got a driving ticket for speeding.
i was like,"BULLSHIT LA," and i was observing those who were also stopped for speeding, screaming the races," CHINESE, CHINESE, INDIAN, CHINESE, INDIAN.. INDIAN! BLOODY IDIOTS."
Those malay police officers were so bloody racist la. My mom didn't even speed man.
But, nevermind. MERDEKA MAH, celebration for MALAYsians lurs.

Cute boy, i never knew he was my cousin. never saw him before.
Jiawen's BALDNESS.

Zuxin looking so cute in this horrible ugly dress. LOL~
she wanted to play with our car.

after that, pulled me to sit down and slammed the door close, infront of my face.


Jiawen! Cute, ain't she? only a month old. surprisingly she smiled when i took this picture, usually she cries hell long if anything happened to her.
i think she'll be a fine vain lady in the future xD
Slept at my Kau po's house. slept on the freakin floor okay. so many babies, and parents staying over. it was pretty obvious i had to sacrifice. -.=


Just woke up....

the mummy who squeezed milk into a bottle to feed the pretty baby - Jiawen. and i saw it. X.X

cry baby, this boy always cries when he wakes up. uugh, i wasn't like that.

Zuxin shitting.
her expression when she's passing motion.
don't-know-what-name cousin shitting!

he's trying to eat my fingers.

ain't he cute? hope he won't grow ugly.

and i was left to take care of the babies when they were all eating.

gee, how nice.

4 months old, one month old.

It makes me wonder how i was like when i was a baby. my mom said i was really quiet and not troublesome. lalala~ was sms-ing WTP during that time. (:

After that went to JB, and then the next day back to 'K.L.'

i didn't do my homework at ALL. i feel so lazy nowadays.

i wanna change school. it's so dumb, SELF-STUDY. in a CUBICLE.


gahs, i do wanna go to the international school that my mom and SD suggested.

Maybe it'll be better. ;]


i feel bad, it ain't right of you doing this. it's a sin and against the LAW. he could sue you for this.

this ain't good, i'm fine with it. but what about the other two? and i have a feeling it's just a game.

he's playing you, maybe? GAHS!!!!

i wish it will work out, and you'll have the happy family and dream you always wanted.

just don't trust him too much okay.

whatever it is, seperate first before attaching yourself to someone else.

Don't be a gold digger or a friggin mistress, Fel.

that's my advice.

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