Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Emerge! =D

Prepared for the FIRST day of Emerge. Danial Yee came to pick me and Extra.
i was already prepared by 5.30pm. but he was late. so took pictureees, rawrs*

beloved Elisha angel gave me this top when she got a new purple one from MNG.
awws, love her.
He arrived around 7.15PM or something. wee! Extra was so noisy and smelly ):<
she didn't shower when she helped out moving stuff in the new school.
i was like, ehw.
so i sprayed my purfume on her THREE times, one on her head, her butt and chest.
i also wanted to spray her armpits, but oh well...................

Rachel Soon being vain with my phone! LOL
Shaun lim in the background, ahaas.
use Aquaq toothpaste for white and shiny teeth like hers. =D

in the Sheraton Hotel.. toilet. -.-

Extra just came in and said, " i also wanna take!!!!!"
ughs, if it was like Rachel or Shaun lim, i wouldn't mind la. GAHSS!
ruin the whole picture, BAICHI. that's my CG mate who came back from Austrailia a month ago.

didn't take any pictures for the 2nd day. Nicolettuce came along. Arrived at my place to use my very effective dark eyeliner first. and i gave her a pink perfume cause she liked it.
aww, ain't i sweet?
Faith came to pick us up. =D Emerge was kinda boring though. =/
went to RACHIEE's house there after, hahs. brought my pyjamas.
we were chit-chatting until 5.30AM. WOOOHOOO~
bitching about someone annoying... LOL~ was funny laaaa.
woke up around 12PM, ate KFC around 2PM. haha, it seems it's always delivery whenever i go to her place. so niceeee, first pizza hut, now KFC! =D
Hallelujah man, but really, i enjoyed staying over your place. THANKS GIRLFRIEND! LMAO~
My mom came and picked me up. had a nice chat with aunty Soon. and went home to pack and off we went to Kluang to celebrate Merdeka with relatives. (:

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