Thursday, September 06, 2007


heee, today is a thursday right. RIGHT.. went to Michelle's house. Along the way, passed a house full of puppies and 3 adult dogs. was soooo cute!

CUTEEEE! the only light brown one.


so i've been wanting for a puppy for quite some time. and the owners wanted to give them away. they have 6 puppies, 3 are already booked. so i took one home! guess which one...
the only brown color one!!
i named her EMILYY!
Michelle could totally feel the connection with that name. it just.. totally suits her, i think.
Michelle has 12 cats in her house =O
and one of them scratched my beloved Emily. MEOW!* i'll have a cat fight later.
going home soon. =]
now this, was from my aprtment, came outta no where. it was really pitiful. limping...
i wanted to bring it back home. but my mom didn't allow ):<
what if you were the dog.
it was limping towards me, cause i petted it for awhile.
hais, can't find it anywhere now. i'm sorry dawg. ;[

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