Friday, September 07, 2007


I'm at Sherlyn's house now. Jolene, Andrea and Sereena was here.
Before that we went to The Summit, i bought hamster and puppy food.
i just love Emilyyyy... but they say mutts will grow up ugly in the future. i'll l0ve you still, right?
so we wanted to watch a movie, so the ladyboss was so sweet to look after it (:
she's a great person.. her shop even gives free delivery! The name's Creepy Creatures.
look loads of pics of the animals inside. reeally interesting!
she saved my number and off we went to watch a movie called 'The Invasion'.
it was stupid, boring, and lame movie. DON'T WATCH IT! i give it a 2/5. but the acting was good.
i wanted to watch Rogue Assassin though. ;/
Came back to retrieve Emily, she was so tired. =[
Jon siew, his cousin, Rooney, Jowee and the rest went to eat KFC.
i took care of the dog inside the shop. it shitted and urinated though.
so i used tissue to clean up the shit(literally).
gahs, and previously....
reached school LATE again. 2nd time since i came and 2nd time in a row you see.
it sounds okay right?
but Jonathan was so friggin upset, had a dispute with him.
I WASN'T GUAILAN okay. he was talking dumb shit which was like wtfishermen.
i was just replying him, and he accused me of asking to much question.
and on top of that, he called me WEIRD. SHIT IT, mr,Jonathan call me weird?
i was like PC*.
just Imagine..
a monkey calling you wild.
a snail insulting that you're slow.
and dumb ass shouting ,'you're stupid!'
and shortie critisizing your height.
i was like... damn. i'm so gonna kill yuh.
you just don't know how it feels. when you're trying to be nice, and the tch pushes it.. and you so wanna talk back.
but i didn't, 'cause i didn't wanna get into trouble and change to another school. or make things awkward.
baichi. so then we told the case to Mr.Ben. friggin Jon gave him a slip of paper of what probs he has with me.
which is i don't clean up my table. i don't obey instructions. i don't do homework on time. i can't follow scoring rules. blabla..
well firstly, YOU AIN'T USING MY TABLE. so what's the prob. SECONDLY, i do listen and respond, you're just too slow and ignorant to realize dumbo. I don't do things infront of you just to get your recognition or stupid useless attention! i do do my homework you mole-in-the-eye-old-man!
and when other people break the scoring rules, you don't give a DAMN.
such a biased, favoristist tch.
you only catch me when i do things, but when others do it, you just turn a blind eye.
so tch Ben was "counselling" me about being respectful and stuff. I AM RESPECTFUL, if not i would use the same attitude i did with mr.Tay last year lor.
fed-up laaa.
and he was like, " i can only help you if you progress remaining in this class."
me:" if i progress, then what's the point of CHANGING CLASSES THEN!?!?"
mr.ben: exactly!
then i walked away.. i wanted to change class. but he was smart, trying to convince me to go with his plan of complying with mr,jon's authority. BUT, i ain't that dumb no more :]
it was so stupid laaa. so i gave him a slip of paper of what i didn't like about him either!
i was pretty pissed, was kinda shocked when i felt like crying. i don't cry when i wanna talk back. maybe it's because of the fact i tried my best to be a better person?
and it was so harddd... but shit that, i ain't gonna cry for some shit ass. NEVER.

Andrea was really sweet.Andrea passed me some gummy candy. i love gummies :33
and asked me if i was alright. well i wasn't. but i wouldn't ruin my mood for some WEIRDO CALLING ME WEIRD.
it's honestly the DUMBEST thing i've ever heard.
and you know what?
he also said," please try to be normal."
i was gonna lose it man. i was gonna strangle him screaming, " YOU'RE THE ONE I SHOULD BE TELLING THIS TO! YOU'RE THE WEIRD ONE. JUST SHUT UPPPPP!"
man, i was like..... ugh. freakin humiliated by what he said. you're the snail calling me slow.
after that i couldn't concentrate on my work, was so frustrated and indignant.
just screw it, why bother.. stupid teacher, stupid words. wasting my precious time.
i think mr.Jon is a false teacher! he said that Jesus is our Father!
but i said, " no, Jesus is our Brother. only GOD the Father is our Father."
but he's like, nooo.. Holy Spirit, Jesus, and God are all one. so Jesus is our Father.
WELL, Jesus is GOD's Son, we are GOD's children, which makes Jesus our BROTHER!
what the hell do you think, we're GOD's grandchildren?
anyhow say.... assss.
i think that false teaching should be banned. it'll confuse the young people you know.
i need anti-anxiety pills. wonder where i left them last time. ):<
where is it when i need it most.

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