Sunday, September 09, 2007


i'm so cold now.
i'm in CALIFORNIA FITNESS! Jackie Chan's new gym just open last week.
and he came over yesterday which created a whole lot of traffick jam. screw you ):<<
i don't give a damn about celebrities, i just wanna be one of them LOL~
i haven't looked around yet. it's not ..
gahs, continue next time. too cold.

shittttttttt. barfed twice in the stupid fitness centre.
so dumb, i vomited my lunch out. then i went to drink water, 20 minutes later.
i ALSO puked. dumb, this year i barfed for like 4 times already.
Usually its only once or twice. this year SWAYYY la.
when i wanna puke food, it won't come out.
but when i don't want it too, it does!
Damn, shouldn't have sign up for this stupid jackie chan thing.
it's horrible la. but atleast i can use the computer for free ;D
gonna visit the doctor later. my mom's freakin late.


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